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Shop Front Signage

Shop front signage is essential to ensure you stand out from the crowd and that customers can easily find you. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer when they drive straight past your shop, or simply cannot see you. Shop front signage can be a small or MASSIVE sign on your building, either way, nothing screams professional and serious like shop signage.

  • Illuminated Signage
  • Large Banners
  • 3D Signage
  • Protruding contour cut signs
  • Folded metal signs
Over 25 years ago we started with the production of shop front signage. We have since grown into a sign manufacturing megastore. We are one of the few shops who offer full in-house manufacturing, and this is one of the reasons people choose us. This is backed up with our firm business plan to only deliver high-quality signage. There is no doubt why people call us about their signage needs.
With a customer-base of 80% of repeat business, it’s clear we have you covered for your branding and signage solutions.

Grab the attention of commuters with an eye-catching billboard sign. We can design, build and install your billboard advertising.

LED (light emitting diode) lighting is a low power consumption and durable option to lighting up your signage. LED is fast becoming the lighting option of choice over the traditional neon lighting, resulting in a brighter, more reliable and longer-term cost-effective solution. Give the ‘wow’ factor to your signage with options of illuminating from the back, sides or front with a variety of colours and materials to choose from.

Stand out and light up your branding with lightbox / LED signage. Distinctive Signs can custom build your lightbox with various options to choose from.

  • Single or Double Sided
  • LED or Fluoro
  • Aluminium or Acrylic

We design and custom build your lightbox / LED sign, as well as install and connect your signage, always using fully licensed electricians.

There isn’t much more third dimensional than a 3D sign! This is a great way to look professional and stand out from the crowd. 3D signage is now cheaper than ever with many materials to choose from.

  • Acrylic, medium density fibreboard, PVC, foam or aluminium composite panel are all popular options.

Your lettering can also be illuminated, creating a dynamic wow factor and increasing your exposure. Talk to us about the different illumination effects that we can create.

The classic A-frame signage is the perfect way to advertise your brand or a promotional sale. It is a cost-effective advertising method, which can be easily set up and moved around to where you need it to be.
Standard size A-frame signs:
  • Medium – 600mm x 900mm
  • Large – 900mm x 1200mm

Pylon and directional signage is a great way to promote your business. Pylon signs are almost necessary in some industrial estate where multiple businesses are in connected sheds. Directory boards and directional signage will guide your customers to you. Our pylon signage designs and directional signage will ensure your customers find you and this can also help you stand out from the crowd.

Safety is part of every business and due to regulation it is paramount to have the correct safety signage to help keep your staff, visitors and customers from harm.  It doesn’t matter if you are on a construction site or in an office, ensuring your business is meeting OH&S requirements is a high priority. Safety signage needs to be clear, bright and robust and we have several different materials for safety signage to meet all requirements:
  • Corflute
  • Aluminium
  • Reflective Vinyl
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